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Dog walking

Unlike other dog walkers, we don't walk your dogs in groups. This allows for complete undivided attention to your furry friend. We can keep full control of the walk and care for your dogs needs.

GPS Logged Routes

Again, unlike other dog walkers we have the ability to provide you with updates as to where your dog has been, how many miles travelled, how long the walk was and even when they went to the toilet! At the end of the walk, you will receive an email with all details and photos.

House visits

Are you going on holiday? Book us to feed your pets or walk your dog!
Working long hours or have an unfourtunate event happen which means you can't care for your furry friend? We can help!
Let us take it off your hands. 

Get a free dog walk when you refer a friend!

We also look after:


Birds are intelligent creatures and require a lot of interaction to make sure they don't get depressed. We have experience with exotic birds and can take care of your feathered friend!


Do you have a tortoise, a gecko or perhaps a giant african land snail? We can help make sure they are fed and watered.


Fish are mesmorising nd beautiful creatures. Need us to feed them while you go away? Get in touch! 


Are you in need of someone to feed the hamster, rat or ferret? Let us help!


Famous Pets Programme

Have you seen pictures and videos of people's pets online with hundreds of views and likes?

We have a background in social media so all pets signed up to weekly visits will be enrolled in our famous pets programme. They will get full social media treatment and you can expect to see them on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel! Perhaps your pet will be our next social media star! 



What our insurance covers

Public Liability: £1,000,000

Public Liability covers us for injury to anyone who is not a member of staff or for damage to their property, up to the limit we have selected.

This includes cover for damage to property that is hired or rented to us for the purpose of our business activities.

In the event of our business being blamed for an incident outlined above, our Public Liability will provide cover for the legal costs associated with defending us in court plus any damages that are deemed payable.

Care, Custody and Control of Animals

This covers us for claims stemming from injury, illness or accidental death of the animals that are our business’s care, custody or control.

Up to £50,000 worth of cover is provided for animals in our care (limited to £25,000 per animal), should our business be blamed for the incident. This benefit does not include any animal belonging to our business  or members of staff.

Non-negligent Cover

Non-Negligent Cover provides protection for accidental injury to animals in our care that are deemed to be without fault. This provides £50,000 worth of cover for animals in our care (limited to £25,000 per animal) that are injured during the course of service delivery through no fault of our own or our business.

As with the Care, Custody and Control benefit, this does not include pets owned by us.

Loss of Keys

Cover is provided for instances where keys belonging to you are lost or damaged in the care of us or an employee. This benefit includes cover for repairing keys and locks which may have been damaged in forcing entry to the premises.

The benefit also covers any charges that may arise from call-outs due to errors in setting or re-setting intruder alarms.

Professional Indemnity

Protection for our legal liability to pay damages in the event of a breach of professional duty due to a negligent act, error, or omission by the insured or an employee of the business.

Professional Indemnity also includes cover for libel or slander committed unintentionally by us or by any employee.

Defence costs will be handled by the insurer in the case of a third-party starting legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get some pet food on your way here?

We'd love to. If the shop is on our way and we have time, we will make every effort to help you stock up.

I know it's a bit cheeky, but could you also grab me bread or milk?

Of course! 

Can I meet you before I agree to sign up?

Yes. We actually prefer to arrange a meet and greet to make sure that we are a good match for the animal but shuld you just wish to arrange a one off walk, that's okay too!

I have 2 dogs to walk, how much would it be?

While we prefer to walk one dog at a time, we provide a 50% discount for the second dog. We are insured for walking up to 6 dogs at a time.

What will you do with my dog on the walk?

We will take your dog on a fun rewarding walk. While the majority of it will be a slow walk, playtime and excersie is also a must! 

I'm usually not at home or have an emergency, how can you collect my dog or visit my pet?

That's no problem! You could either lend us a spare key, get one cut specifically for us or in an emergency, we could meet you somewhere and get the key from you.


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